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Here you can read about what our print group gets up to on a monthly basis. Written by Tracy Singer, one of our talented artists at Waitakere Printers Ink.


July (Hurae). And what a hooray it is, you can feel change is afoot.

Gidday printmakers, what a month it has been and you can feel that we are on the downhill run for spring and new growth is in the air. Getting excited about our up and coming exhibition, just think only 9 weeks left til blast off???

While I know life gets busy and we get caught up in work/family life juggle/balance. Just a word to say that it would be nice if we can get together before the event as we seem to be slipping away with not attending print group, while we have an ongoing booking in the space at Corbans Estate Art Centre. While I'm still looking for a potential alternative space, it would be nice to think that we are still keen on supporting what is a central community hub at Corbans and one we have had a long time connection with.

Depot Artspace was my focus on my wanderings in being out and about this month. What a great exhibition put on by one of our own, Toni Hartill and Celia Walker as well as other supporting artists. But more of that later. Taking a quick squiz at Depot Artspace's website, it was interesting to know it was set up in 1996 and located in the heart of Devonport, a bustling little hub. It went on to further say - their commitment to the community and to artists make it very accessible and exciting place to show, and I find personally very supportive of our medium.


Toni Hartill emails regularly for print council and in her promotion of the exhibition I received this - the title - Forest has the blues. There are 2 components, a large print installation of native urban forest and invasive weeds (gawd, what were we thinking?! Hehe, nah, its gonna be fine...I'm sure....hopefully) plus an exhibition of works on a related forest remnants theme. Here are some images giving a view of what it involved.....massive.

Artist - Toni Hartill

Though I would feature Toni who is such a prolific artist and one that I have had the privilege to get to know since she wandered into the studio at Corbans one day wanting to participate after leaving her teaching role. Her knowledge and thirst for ideas and mediums, tools and inspiration is awe inspiring. From her blog spot to constant energy as part of print council in her approach to putting her artwork out there in the public domain. Always happy for a cuppa and a chat if you can ever catch up with her to share printmaking ideas.

Toni can be contacted through our facebook page or her own site.


Her bio -

My work is generally inspired by colour, texture, pattern and form in the natural environment, in particular coastal and oceanic themes although, of late, my interest is piqued by environmental concerns and connections to place. Which is shown in the exhibition I covered in this article.

This I still find a wonderful reminder that Toni gifted our print group and quite apt when wobbling starts leading up to an event.



Flint Inks

Thought I would cover these inks as they are standard fare when when you are starting out and no one really covers this in training to give you an insight into the water based inks on the market. They come in 115ml tube. A variety colours, the red I found not great but as trials for my work and using in workshops is cheap and useful.

I checked out the website that imports into New Zealand.  http://www.5starproducts.co.nz/ unfortunately only a trade only supplier.

So National Art Supplies is your best option -  https://nationalartsupplies.co.nz/

Any of the art shops in Auckland also stock this product. On the website it advises you can print on paper, card, stretched canvas, wood, metal, plastic, acetate, glass. This I found really useful -


In cold weather stand tube in warm water for 3-4 minutes to assist squeezing out the ink and to make rolling out easier. But give them a go, nice mixing them up to see what sort of colours you can find.

Until next time

Ka kite