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Here we are in the middle of the year and the cold blast has certainly hit. June (Hune)

Great to see the art and culture around Matariki with a list of exciting events happening. I've got plans on going along to see this event next weekend. Light festivals seem to be coming a big part of outdoor events and really nice with the clear skies to entice us outdoors, even at this time of year as the sky is stunning with Matariki. 


Our monthly meet-up brought a new member Levon Parker who popped in to meet us and see how our space is setup. With the upcoming exhibition it will be a nice time to get to meet all of us. In attendance for the group was myself, Alicia, Dianne, Jenny and Kate. So another good turn out as we get into the colder months. I find it hard sometimes to venture out on these frosty but stunningly sunny days. I have been following Toni Hartill's Instagram page with her hot travels through Spain and showing us some truly magnificent landscape and art adventures.


Dianne and I are currently working towards a set of editions for a print exchange with Print Council. Here is a peek before they get sent off.


It has been a great challenge, time wise and producing replica editions, something we both had not tried before. Searching for information on this was enlightening as to why artists produce sets and this is a great section on prints and editions as a point of reference.


On the out and about art scene I visited Orewa Estuary arts Studio print makers group exhibition.

Fifteen members of the Studio Print makers Collective were exhibiting in June at Estuary Arts Center. This is their second Showcase, following on from last years most successful exhibition at Orewa. It includes two of the original print makers who were instrumental in starting in 1990, Pat Grove-Hills and Julienne Francis. The aim now, as it was then, is to provide a working studio with presses and all necessary materials where print makers can not only work but gather to exchange ideas, hold workshops, organised exhibitions and meet visiting local and international print makers and tutors.

Studio Print makers are based in the Lake House Art Center complex at Takapuna. Fred Thomas Drive, in an army barracks building moved from the historic site of Fort Cautley and refurbished to suit the print makers needs.

The space is great and worth checking out if you are in the vicinity as they have another show starting July. My pics from the exhibition were the elliptical works by Julienne Francis and the etchings by Lisz Bodsworth.

The lineup of the members exhibiting are as follows: Susan Hurrell-Fields, Donna Dold, Ian Halliday, Diane Coleman, Val Cuthbert, Carolyn Shaw, Vivien Davimes, Lisz Bodswoth, Gillian Clark, Lianne Timlin, Elle Anderson, Sally Kim and Janmarie Thompson.

So to finish up I came across this wonderful linocut by Kadinsky.

In creating this artwork, it is as though Kandinsky was compelled to draw carefully with a stencil and let loose with a paintbrush, to let his imagination take flight and lead with form and structure. To me, that perfectly reflects a fundamental truth in all our daily lives - the constant need to navigate the delicate tensions between competing desires: to work or play, to jump up or sit down, to drink water or wine. Its both exhausting and exhilarating.

Until next time

Ka Kite