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We are a group of like-minded print enthusiasts from New Zealand.

Mahura Kia Ora (September) Printy people.

Well we kicked off with setup on the Thursday all going to plan and a quick and seamless effort with the last one out being me, shutting the doors at about 6.30pm and heading home. Only a couple of breakages and that unfortunately was Lorraine and me...Blah, quick tip ladies - listen to your partner when he challenges your tying knots.

While the weather was nippy it was nice to see friends and family turn up for drinkies and to view the space. We are getting a lot of feedback on what is quickly becoming "our space" on the print-makers calendar.

We kicked off with a sale by Alicia Poultney - titled Honeycomb, which was beautifully hung in a central position at the end of the gallery space. Those concrete walls are always hard to fill. And the first sale for the weekend, yahoo.

Annabelle Patton's work this year was very prolific ( as always ) with more beautiful use of Chine Colle, and a number of customers asking about her techniques. 

Lorraine revisiting previous works to show her reliefs expanding and further growing an already very impressive body of work. 

Great to see Lisa work in her quirky beaux arts style with references of architecture period achievement with splashes of primary's. Also new works exploring embossing and landscape.

Our young Dianne was showing some old favorites with new works showing through but a definitive style in lino cuts that incorporate her love of nature and the organic reflecting her true greenie self.

And then of course there was my work which had been very trial and error over the years but remaining ever true to certain motifs while linking to artists I find informative for my work. Patterns and imaging is the theme in an illustrative nature, with nature setting the stage.

While in previous years we have had double the amount of members showing each year, this being the first year that only half exhibited, it was still another great show. Stand up ladies and take a bow.

Here are a few images of the show.

  • Alicia Poultney
    Alicia Poultney
  • Annabel Patton
    Annabel Patton
  • Annabel Patton
    Annabel Patton
  • Tracy Singer
    Tracy Singer
  • Diane Charraz
    Diane Charraz
  • Diane Charraz
    Diane Charraz
  • Lisa Bate
    Lisa Bate
  • Lorraine Vickery
    Lorraine Vickery

Chine Colle

Thought I would cover this lovely process this month. Chine-colle is a special technique in printmaking, in which the image is transferred  to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process. One purpose is to allow the print maker to print on a much more delicate surface, such as Japanese paper or linen, that pulls finer details off the plate. I have noticed that there are very few workshops in our country that cover this style of printmaking so thought I would give it a little plug. It can be the most surprising beautiful work that harks back to ideas around posters of the early 70s-80s for me.

Ken Elliot has some great techniques.


Good information on this site below for Washi paper and gluing techniques.



Until next time

Ka Kite