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February - Tanguru

First off for the month was mine and Alicia's trip to the Vivan in Warkworth to check out Marian Maguire's work. Titled - Goddesses. Marian is a avid user of lithography in her work and bases it on Greek period while giving it a very kiwi theme to the work. Her approach is to intermingle the work with present day issues in a stylized approach of Greek mythology. This current body of work was in response to the pride festival so quite provocative in theme.

The narrative used at the Vivan was as follows - Witty, delightful and beautiful explorations of the role of Greek Goddesses from a female perspective. Marian Maguire's Goddesses is a series of large scale prints the re imagine the traditional role of the female in Greek mythology and begs the question. What would these traditional Goddesses do if they saw the state of the world we live in today? Quite impressive an on further research her to be an instrumental part of the PG Gallery in Christchurch.  https://www.pggallery192.co.nz/ It is directed by artists Marian Maguire and Nigel Buzton, while the day to day running of the gallery is managed by Polly Gilroy.  https://www.marianmaguire.com/  


Our first print group for the year was a great kick off with 5 of us attending - Kate, Lorraine, myself and Jenny. we were lucky enough to get a key for the room where additional press is held upstairs. So we ( Alicia and I ) brought this down into the space and utilized it, a nice addition to the day. Alicia gifted us all with a box of goodies each containing little bits and bobs to inspire us to get us making.

I attended Susan Hurrell Fields exhibition at the Railway St gallery in Newmarket. It was great seeing Mrs Toni Hartill and lovely to catch up and see the work that Susan was exhibiting. If you can it is worthwhile popping along to check it out. I really do love a display of small pieces made up into a body of work, very inspiring.


Susan introduced me and Diane to solar plating a number of years ago, but with this current body of work seems to of moved away from this medium to dry point etching. Very tantalizing piece's of expression and form. Some truly reflecting her own identity in a quirky and playful way. Her work was exhibited alongside Jacquline Aust with the title portraits and palimpsest. Aust's work were on board and the title - palimpsest - refers to in the scraping back of images and reworking. What links these two artists together is the reference to mark making in their work. So distant in materials used but still connected with the approach used. Great synergy I found in relation to each other.

Next up was Print makers studio over at Lake house, I called in while over the shore one day day. Julienne Francis, Celia Walker, Donna Dold and Val Cuthbert all exhibiting their work in the hallway of the old Lake House.

A great example of ongoing collaborations for a studio collective based on the shore.


Now I probably have covered this before but thought I would include some information as I have just recently acquired a UV light and I am happy to bring it to further print group sessions if anyone is wanting to use it.

Just to give a brief run-down of what solar plating is, the following gives a good breakdown for newbies.  https://solarplate.com/what-is-solarplate/

Dan Weldon was the creator of solar plating techniques back in the 70's and one that a number of print makers in New Zealand have trained with.  http://www.danwelden.com/

Until next time

Ka Kite